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RPC Talks with Liviu Zarnovean, Managing Partner, DART Architects

RPC Talks with Liviu Zarnovean, Managing Partner, DART Architects 816 811 ROMANIA PROPERTY CLUB

RPC Talks to Liviu Zarnovean

Managing Partner, DART Architects

Profile of the Company

“Dart Architects, rooted in the Brasov region, champions a pragmatic approach to architecture, emphasizing the harmonious integration of structures within their context and the innovative use of technology in project and process management. Our expertise lies in navigating the intricate web of interests between investors, regulatory frameworks, and the community, striving for solutions that mediate these often unspoken conflicts. As advocates for constructive collaboration, we aim to transcend client expectations by blending thoughtful design with effective management, moving towards incorporating sustainability into our broader strategic vision.”

Most Representative Projects in Our Portfolio

Over the past 27 years, Dart Architects has cultivated a rich portfolio that spans a wide spectrum of architectural endeavors, from intimate residential spaces to large-scale commercial and urban developments. Our specialization lies in not just designing but meticulously managing projects of significant scope and complexity, ensuring each embodies our commitment to architectural excellence and pragmatic innovation.

Among the hundreds of projects we have completed to date, the following stand out:

9Nine Office Building: 9Nine stands as a beacon in Brasov, blending cost-efficiency with architectural grace, crowned by a uniquely curved top-level restaurant offering unmatched city views.

– T39 Hall Conversion at Flavus – Coresi: Transforming an industrial relic into a bustling business hub, T39 hall marries historical integrity with modern functionality, creating an inviting office space surrounded by green, leisure, and social zones.

– Bergs Residential Complex: Combining energy efficiency with visual harmony, the Bergs Residential Complex features a six-slope roof design that integrates seamlessly into the local landscape, offering panoramic mountain views amidst a sustainable living environment.

– Sky Towers: Envisioned as a residential gateway to Brasov, Sky Towers sculpturally draws from the landscape, proposing living spaces that seem to emerge from the earth itself, set atop a communal base that breathes life into the city’s western entrance.

Opportunities for Brasov Real Estate Market

The real estate market in Brasov presents fertile ground for projects that embody Dart Architects’ ethos of pragmatic architecture and meaningful community integration. With our unique ability to mediate between diverse interests, we see potential for developments that not only enhance the urban fabric but also respect and rejuvenate their environmental context. Our focus on creating spaces that resonate with people and place positions us to lead Brasov towards a future where architecture fosters community, connectivity, and sustainable living.