With an investment of 40 million euros, Continental opens a megafactory in Timisoara

With an investment of 40 million euros, Continental opens a megafactory in Timisoara 770 512 ROMANIA PROPERTY CLUB


Continental has completed the construction of the third expansion of the electronic components factory in Timișoara, with an investment of approximately 40 million euros.

With the new investment, the production area will increase by more than 7,000 square meters, which means an increase of more than 60% of the space (about 18,000 square meters will be reached for production). Parking spaces, a technical area, offices and a green area were also added.

“What used to mean horsepower under the hood is now user experience. To meet the growing demand of our customers, we must pursue the most developed digitization, standardization and automation possible – and that is exactly what we are doing with our new mega factories strategy”, said Lucian Mărgineanu, the director of the automotive production unit in Timișoara. “Continuing the implementation of Industry 4.0 technologies represents another leap into the future. The digitization of production processes, as well as the use of state-of-the-art equipment, means another step in guaranteeing the quality of our products and services. Therefore, in the electronic components factory in Timișoara, we are focusing on a sustainable future”, he added.

Continental makes more than 17 million products a year in Timișoara

The electronic components factory in Timișoara produces over 17 million products annually. Airbag control units, electronic parking systems, control units for various technologies such as air suspension, power steering, suspension adjustment and dynamic load stabilization, Head-Up and Head-Up Combiner display units and on-board instruments are manufactured here. Over time, the factory developed in the direction of Industry 4.0, integrating equipment and technologies such as the innovative storage system, the trigeneration system and others.

Over 17,500 employees in Romania

The technology company founded in 1871 provides safe, efficient, intelligent and affordable solutions for cars, machinery, traffic and transportation. Continental achieved a turnover of 33.8 billion euros in 2021 and currently has more than 190,000 employees in 58 countries and markets. On October 8, 2021, the company celebrated its 150th anniversary.

Between 1999 and 2021, Continental invested over 2 billion euros in its activities in Romania. All three fields of activity of the company are represented in Romania. Continental owns six production units and four engineering centers in Timișoara, Sibiu, Carei, Nădab and Iasi. The company has a tire distribution center in Bucharest. At the end of 2021, Continental had more than 17,500 employees, of which more than a third were engineers and computer scientists, and will continue to hire based on future projects.