Romanian Airports Growth: 25 million passengers in 2023

Romanian Airports Growth: 25 million passengers in 2023 2046 1293 ROMANIA PROPERTY CLUB


The Romanian Airports Association announced that nearly 25 million passengers were recorded at Romanian airports throughout the last year, marking a significant milestone by remarkable pre-pandemic levels.

Iasi Airport

According to the association’s data, the figures for 2023 revealed a remarkable 17% increase compared to 2022 and an impressive nearly 6% rise over the numbers recorded in 2019 (23,234.580 people). David Ciceo, the president of the Romanian Airports Association, expressed optimism, highlighting that air traffic across Europe is expected to reach 2019 levels by the end of the current year.

In Iasi, authorities recently inaugurated a new terminal, following a historic year with a traffic of 2.3 million passengers, making it the third most transited Romanian city, after Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca.

The aviation sector in Romania experienced contrasting trends in 2023. The total number of aircraft landings and take-offs saw a robust 5.6% increase, reaching 233,027, showcasing the resilience of the industry. In contrast, air cargo traffic witnessed a 5.7% decline, with 50,786 tons transported, down from 53,877 in 2022. Despite the decrease in cargo activity, the spotlight remained on the significant rebound in passenger traffic, emphasizing the sector’s overall adaptability and recovery.

Ciceo attributed the passenger rebound to substantial investments in airport infrastructure, including new terminals, expansions, and modernizations. Expressing optimism, he stated, “We expect traffic values to grow steadily, and we estimate that in 2040, Romanian airports will exceed 50 million passengers.” This positive trajectory highlights the resilience of the Romanian aviation sector in overcoming challenges.