IULIUS Company is the only developer and operator of mixed-use urban regeneration projects in Romania, with more than 20 years of real estate experience and operating in four major Romanian cities, namely Iași, Timișoara, Cluj-Napoca, and Suceava. To date, the value of IULIUS investments exceeds 1.2 billion euros.

Experience also brought about the projects that have changed perceptions about lifestyle, have redefined and revitalized urban centers, and became integrated in their respective communities. This ambitious journey spans more than two decades and has started with a shopping mall based in Iași, the first of its kind outside of the Capital, opened in 2000. The project then had a nice and organic development up to a portfolio that currently comprises more than 300,000 sqm of retail premises in two mixed-use urban regeneration projects (Palas Iași and Iulius Town Timișoara), the only ones of this kind in Romania, as well as a nationwide network of regional shopping malls (Iulius Mall – Iași, Cluj-Napoca, and Suceava). These are vibrant spaces that define poles of urban attraction and draw more than 68 million visitors every year.

The role of IULIUS projects is to infuse value into the places where we leave our mark, a desideratum that is also supported by the development of the national office building brand United Business Center. In just ten short years, IULIUS Company came into prominence as one as the most active developers and operators of class A office spaces, building regional business hubs and creative multinational communities in three major academic centers in Romania, namely Iași, Timișoara, and Cluj-Napoca. In total there are 13 green buildings with a total area upwards of 152.000 sqm, accommodating more than 80 company head offices and 15.000-plus employees.

The projects developed by IULIUS are sustainable concepts that transcend their functional role and harmoniously blend with the identity of their respective communities. These are the only projects that integrate extensive gardens that bring nature close to the people, right in the heart of their cities.