IMPACT – The leading developer in Romania

Since its establishment in 1991, IMPACT has been ranked in the Romanian real estate market as an innovative developer.

Over the time, IMPACT has developed 17 residential projects, with a total built area of 500,000 square meters. The total value of the developments was over 650 million euros at the end of the first semester of 2021.

On August 25th, 2021, IMPACT became a Romanian “unicorn” reaching a market capitalization of over 1 billion lei, as a result of a high appreciation of its share price on the stock exchange market.

  • The first real estate developer established in Romania 31 years ago;
  • The first real estate developer listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange since 1996;
  • Issuer of the first nonfinancial corporate bonds on Bucharest Stock Exchange;
  • Leader in the residential market with strong demand;
  • Proven growth strategy based on geographic expansion and portfolio diversification, sustainability-focused approach, financing optimization and use of capital markets tools;
  • Strong presence in key cities with large scale developments such as Greenfield Baneasa and Luxuria Residence in Bucharest, Boreal Plus in Constanta, Greenfield Copou in Iasi;
  • Attractive landbank in high-demand locations in Bucharest, Constanta and Iasi.

Clear sustainability driven vision

  • We create communities
  • We build sustainable

IMPACT is one of the first Romanian companies to set up an ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) department. The main objective of this department is drawing and implementing the principles and objectives of environment, social and corporate governance, in line with the values assumed by the company in its real estate development activity – integrity, transparency, innovation and guidance, respect for the environment and sustainable construction, responsibility and motivation.

When it comes to developing sustainable communities, GREENFIELD Baneasa is IMPACT’s iconic project in terms of wellbeing of the residents, while LUXURIA Residence is the most representative project when it comes to sustainability of the buildings. LUXURIA Residence is the first residential compound in Bucharest that meets the BREEAM Excellent certification criteria.

All future projects of the company will respect the nZEB and BREEAM Excellent standards.

Also, the company has already established a framework for green bonds. This defines eligibility criteria for green buildings, sustainable water and wastewater management, renewable energy and clean transport.