Founded in 2006, CAMPEADOR is a family business, which means that all the activities are supported by four pillars: honesty, trust, sustainability and vision for the future.

Since 2006 the company is active on the national and international market. So far, Campeador has delivered over 1,500 apartments on the national and international market in Cluj-Napoca, Bistrita, Bucharest, Timisoara and Vienna.

The company stands out for the seriousness in respecting commitments and deadlines, the innovation regarding the high quality materials we build with, in accordance with the European construction norms and the special emphasis on the quality of life.

In 2020, Campeador successfully finished the project Campeador  Residence Torontalului. It was the first real estate complex built by Campeador in Timișoara.

The second project in Timisoara is located near the historic center, on Samuil Micu Street, in a well-developed area.  Campeador Luxury Apartments was delivered in 2021 and has 71 apartments with parking and storage rooms, but also commercial spaces. We succeeded to have happy clients and to sell all the apartments we have delivered with this 2 projects.

CAMPEADOR CITY is the 3rd Campeador project in Timisoara

Campeador City will include a total of 8 blocks with one, two and three-room apartments and an office building that will include commercial space and a kindergarten.

The development of the project will take place over four stages. The first phase of the Campeador City project includes two blocks with 95 apartments each and 113 underground and above-ground parking lots. It is located near the central area of ​​the city, on Calea Torontalului, and the completion deadline is set for April 2022.

SWEET GREEN RESIDENCE is a residential complex on Soseaua Viilor no. 15, in Bucharest and will include a total of 95 apartments, commercial spaces, promenades, playgrounds for children and 95 parking lots and storage rooms.

In 2021, Campeador Group inaugurated the opening of CAMPEADOR INN in Cluj Napoca. The complex has a total of 110 accommodation units, providing guests with standard rooms, apartments and offices.


Campeador Recycling brings together a whole team of experts in recycling. Along with them, the company develops projects that integrate advanced technology with bio-waste recycling.

The waste on construction sites comes from activities of construction and demolition. In general: concrete, paving, bricks, tiles, drywall, asphalt, plastic materials, metals, wood, stones and other materials.

These are awkward, heavy, bulky and are not biodegradable, they just overburden the landfill sites. Their recycling and reuse brings countless benefits.