Archibus is an Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS), designed to provide visibility into the core facility operations that keep workplaces up and running reliably including real estate, infrastructure, building, asset, and project data. Using Archibus, facility managers have the insights and resources they need to affect change that translates to efficiencies and improvements for employees and the company.

Archibus gives organizations a full suite of powerful tools they can use to craft the workplace their employees need. It goes beyond ensuring everyone has a desk—Archibus enables a deep understanding of facilities right down to their core. It’s about using CAD models and GIS data to contextualize facilities, and relying on visual space allocation tools to shape a workplace that’s efficient, agile, and comfortable. As a platform for facility understanding, Archibus establishes the foundation for workplace improvements—and by extension, benefits for everything that touches it.

Founded in 2007, ARCHIBUS Solution Center – Romania leads the Integrated Workspace Management System market in Romania. Currently, the company is responsible for ARCHIBUS Business Development and Support for Romania and the entire region, comprising Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Austria, Hungary, Moldavia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Bosnia And Herzegovina, Greece.