Last updated: June 2018

BUCHAREST REAL ESTATE CLUB Association (in Romanian: “Asociatia BUCHAREST REAL ESTATE CLUB ”/ BREC) is a non for profit private legal person, with undetermined duration of functioning,  incorporated under Romanian legislation,  with registered headquarters in Bucharest, 39 Tuzla St., Estia Building 2, 1st Floor, Apartment 4, Sector 2, fiscal identification code (“CIF”) 38 52 86 32, bank account RO60 INGB 0000 9999 0747  4748.  The Association develops activity under the applicable law – 246 law from 18.07.2005.



The Association may found offices or branches through the entire territory of Romania or abroad. The Association may adhere to federations or confederations from Romania and abroad, with similar purposes and activities, that do not interfere with the status of BREC.



The Mission of the Association is improving the image of the real estate market, both locally and internationally, by organizing or participating at events, by organizing campaigns, training courses or publishing various  information materials, including development of social projects. The Association may initiate and develop social and communitary development programs, local or regional. By understanding and assuming of these values by various publoc cathegories, we aim at increasing the value of the built environment, by organizing and supporting projects, events and training courses.