Iulius adds Constanta on investment map

Iulius adds Constanta on investment map

Iulius adds Constanta on investment map 1024 1033 ROMANIA PROPERTY CLUB

Following major regeneration projects in Iasi, Timisoara and Cluj-Napoca, real estate investor Iulius works on a complex development in Constanta. The project is based on a partnership between the investor and Oil Terminal on a 38-hectare plot of land centrally located, close to the port and train station.

The land used to house storage areas for petroleum products and remained unused for the past 10 years, because the previous activity impacted the quality of life in the nearby residential areas. Iulius has taken on the greening process, one considered essential and obviously beneficial for the entire community.

The main construction activity in the sector was driven by local companies, which opened or extended a series of production facilities (in consumer goods, construction) and DP World. The newly delivered RO-RO facility integrated with a logistics hub in Aiud to facilitate transportation for Romanian exporters producing in the West side of the country and the new warehousing capacity were the main developments in the county in terms of industrial and logistics. The construction of a logistics platform of 110,000 sqm was also started, an investment of 50 million Euro, which will be completed next year. “Romania is a dynamic economy and well positioned to benefit from the growth of the nearshoring sector and production,” said Rashid Abdulla, CEO and Managing Director, DP World Europe at a recent company event.

“The project in Constanța is the most ambitious undertaking of Iulius so far, the target being to offer the local community a useful project, accessible to all. The project will have multiple functions, with the potential to become a regional business hub, but also a destination for all categories of the public, for the entire year”, said Raluca Munteanu, Development Director, Iulius.

The city attracted the attention of the investor due to the excellent and unique connectivity: by sea, land and air. The concept which combines numerous and varied functions within the same project will offer multiple perspectives to the inhabitants of Constanța, but also to tourists or the business environment, who will have a new interest area in the city.